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Win over new members and reward existing members with Carma’s all-in-one community management platform.

Carma gives you the tools you need to launch, grow, and manage your community all from a single platform


Carma seamlessly integrates with everywhere your community lives

See how your community is performing across all platforms all in one dashboard.

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Carma integrationsCarma integrations
Carma's data-driven automated toolsCarma's data-driven automated tools

Engage your community members with Carma's data-driven automated tools

Engage and reward your community members with our suite of tools. We take the manual work out of engaging with your community so you can get back to buildling.


See your community growth over time

Understand how your community is growing. Find your most active members and review what content is driving the most engagement. The possibilities are endless with Carma’s powerful data analytics engine.

Carma analyticsCarma analytics
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Empowering communities everywhere

“I’ve been so impressed with the community management tools being built by Carma. It allows us to take out the guesswork (and manual labor) of understanding our demographic better and how they are engaging with web3. We’re excited to continue to use this tech to build out new partnership opportunities and grow our community.”


@NFT project

“We used Carma for identifying the top twitter contributors that will be part of our NFT launch strategy and previewed at our summer season launch event today! Having member social engagement data is something all web3 communities will need - and having it in one easy-to-use place is huge…it’s 100% what we and any community who wants to properly deliver on web3 principles of co-building with users will need.”



“With the insight provided by Carma, we are able to better understand our community through their discord and twitter activity. The Carma tooling has helped us drive engagement in our community, and focus our efforts towards any pain points identified. Carma has also customized translation tooling for us to better understand how to work with our large Japanese community, which has been a key part of our success. I would recommend Carma to any projects that want to grow their communities organically through real-time insights. Carma knows what it takes to manage a successful community!”

Community Lead

@NFT project

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